Shopping in Akihabara

by joe on May 10, 2011

A Guest Post by writer JR –
Contemporary Pop Culture at a Good Price for those in the Know From yesteryear’s fresh fruit market to the computer products of today, Akihabara shopping has always been a top attraction to the so-called Electric Town at every point in its history. This area of Tokyo evolved into its current state around the 1980s, when durable consumer goods could be had easily at numerous different stores. The new market in computer games more than made up for the loss.

Though tourists often only attend to a few different stores, there are great deals to be found all about the district. One has to be willing to look for them though. There is a used market around the Soto Kanda 3-chome area, but far less adventurous visitors can find deals on various goods relating to computers and Japanese popular culture in a variety of marketplaces. Indeed, the selection in Akihabara is so varied that one of the first personal robotics shops opened up in this section. In fact, the connection between this sort of merchandise and the neighborhood is so deep that one of the Japanese phrases meaning nerd, Akiba-kei, is derived from Akihabara’s name.

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