Manga Café (Mangakissa): What’s the Controversy?

by joe on April 23, 2011

A Guest Post by writer JR –

A Manga Café, or Mangakissa, is a type of business venture where people can enjoy food every bit as much as they enjoy the manga. Consumers can usually expect to pay around ¥400 for an hour-long stay at the establishment, and they might also be able to enjoy other services in addition to manga and food.

Video games, Zashiki rooms and Internet access, for instance, are common amenities. However, more and more people feel that manga café shops are depriving comic publishers of revenue. This stems from the fact that an individual reading a manga volume at the café will usually not pay any royalties to the publishers. Libraries, which don’t operate on a for profit basis, are usually exempt from this sort of criticism.

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