Japan’s Themed Bars and Restaurants

by joe on June 11, 2011

The Japanese love novelty and they love their food and drink. So put the two together and the chances are that you will be on to a winner. There are constantly stories of the latest fad or craze hitting the press. The themes vary from the sensible to the ridiculous. Food theme parks can be found selling many different types of the same kind of food. The ice cream one can be found Ikebukuro and has flavors like wasabi, garlic, squid ink or natto, hidden among more appealing ones.

Fancy dress themes are pretty common and the novelty factor must be getting pretty hard to find. Most people will have heard of maid cafes but staff dressed as ninjas, santas or aircrew are all around. Go for the full experience and not only the staff but the premises and service will all revolve around one theme. Get handcuffed and chained to your table at a prison themed restaurant in Shibuya if that is your thing. This is just a small taster of what is out there and more study is definitely recommended. There are some real treats to be discovered – how about a bar that is set up as (and probably in) someone’s living room with the main attraction being a table tennis table in the center of the room.

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