The Wonderful World of Japanese Noodles

by joe on August 15, 2011

Cup Noodles are hardly representative of the delicious noodles in Japanese cuisine, of which the main varieties are soba, udon, and ramen. Soba is a thin buckwheat noodle that is eaten either cold or hot. In the cold version, which is called zaru soba, the noodles are served with a soy-based dipping sauce on the side, as well as scallions and wasabi. Tempura soba is a common hot dish; in this meal, fried vegetables are served in a broth with the buckwheat noodles.

Udon is a thick wheat noodle that is often found in nabeyaki udon, a common winter meal. This dish is a soup full of udon that is topped with a couple pieces of fried shrimp. Other common ingredients include chicken, egg, fish cake, and vegetables. Lastly, there is ramen. Although the aforementioned instant Cup Noodles are what people think of when they hear the word “ramen,” real ramen is far more delicious. It may be served in a chicken or pork broth, and features tasty ingredients like Berkshire pork belly.

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